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What is a DVC Rental?

Well, DVC is an acronym for Disney Vacation Club. DVC is also an acronym for David's Vacation Club.

But let's get on with the answer to "What is a DVC Rental". People actually own timeshares offered by Disney, through the Disney Vacation Club. These timeshares are located in the Disney Vacation Club resorts. Disney refers to them as Deluxe Villas. They consist of studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and Grand Villas (3 bedrooms).

These owners get to use these villas throughout the year. The number of days that they can use their timeshare is dependant on how big of a share they own. Some people own 1 day, while others can own 3 months, or any combination in between. Disney determines the size of an ownership purchase by allocating points. The more points one has, the more time they can stay in a Deluxe Villa room. Of course, it takes more points (larger ownership) to stay the same length of time in a 2 bedroom than it does in a 1 bedroom or studio. This system is very flexible because you do not have to stay exactly 1 week at a time like some other timeshares. One might elect to stay 2 days in a 1 bedroom, or for a similar amount of points, 4 days in a studio.

When these owners can not use their timeshare, they can choose to rent them out. That is what a DVC Rental is. Whether you've searched the Internet for a DVC Rental, Rentals at a DVC resort, Disney Vacation Club rentals or David's DVC, we're glad you're here.

We assist the owners with DVC rentals matching guest date and resort requests with the owner's available time.

Our easy RENTAL PROCESS can be found here.

Disney Vacation Club Resorts
Guests Staying at Disney with Member Perks

Do you Have to be a DVC Owner to Stay at a DVC Resort?

You do not need to be a DVC owner to stay at a DVC resort! Our team matches a guest who wants to stay at a Disney Vacation Club property, with a DVC owner (also referred to as a DVC member) who can make the reservation using the unused points in his/her membership.

The DVC owner makes the reservation in your name, so you're able to check-in for your resort stay just as any other guest would – no proof of membership is required! DVC guests can take advantage of complimentary self-parking, enjoy the pools, activities, fitness center, and all other amenities that their resort has to offer!

Ready to secure your next Disney Vacation with DVC Rentals? Use our easy DVC Booking Form and stay at a Deluxe Disney Villa.

Guests Staying at Disney with Member Perks

How Much Does it Cost to Rent DVC Points?

Guests pay $21.00 per point for all stays within 7 months. Reservations booked beyond 7 months are calculated at $21.00 or $23.00 per point based on the DVC resort. One of the many reasons to rent a DVC villa through our company is that the price shown on our Cost Calculator is the total we charge for your accommodations! DVC owners are allocated their points yearly, and they are responsible for maintaining their membership dues and fees to use their points. As a guest staying in a Deluxe Villa, you're only responsible for paying for the cost of the rental you've booked. What could be better than a deluxe Disney vacation at a great price?

Our COST CALCULATOR tool can be used to determine the total cost of your entire stay!

DVC Rent Cost $21 to $23 Per Point
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Does a DVC Rental Include Park Tickets?

Another great reason to secure your stay with DVC points is that you don't have to commit to a full vacation package! Guests that book their villas through our service can purchase a dining plan and/or park tickets, but aren't obligated to do so! If you plan to visit the theme parks during your stay, you can purchase park tickets from any vendor at any time, giving you the flexibility to choose the best options for your family.

Click here to purchase your Walt Disney World park tickets.

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